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The Daily Brief: 6.6

Read the slides, all 213. Then do it again. Mary Meeker, FTW!

My favorite slides and takeaways come from R/GA:

Live video is another tool to help brands tell their stories and create meaningful connections with consumers. Be familiar with the nuances of live-streaming on each one so that you can properly leverage that channel’s capabilities and maximize engagement.test, learn, optimize and continuously improve. Review metrics and feedback. According to a very recent trend report, internet video will make up 80 percent of all consumer traffic in 2019. Here’s how live video plays out (ideas from Marketing Land). LINK

Emoticode is like a for Snapchat. Share an emoticode on Snapchat. Screenshot. Open in Emoticode app. Shop. LINK

Called Social Bluebook, it’s the only free tool that measures influencers’ worth and helps brands find partners with data such as demographics and engagement. As influencer marketing continues to grow — due to underperforming traditional ads, a growing popularity of ad-blocking and algorithms determining who sees what when — brands need a standard measure of performance and pricing more than ever. LINK

Manchester City’s digital marketing focus has led the club to create an official Giphy page which will give City fans the world over more creative opportunities to show their support on social media. LINK

Measuring content shouldn’t be hard. Basics, here. Also, just be authentic & make cool shit. LINK

basic content measurment goals kpis

Your point-of-view is your North Star for everything you do. It means taking a step back to understand your goals, your audience, your voice, your brand and defining your reason for being online.It’s your purpose. It helps you push back when people ask you to be on x platform and share x piece of content. Take a step back and understand your why. Be a little bold. Maybe one season it’s not so much about the scores, but covering the team from the players’ voice. Maybe it’s about the fans. Maybe it’s about the other hours away from the games that fans don’t get to see. Whatever your point-of-view is, own it and stick to it. Focus on the main story you want to tell and do it well. LINK

The NBA and Samsung are teaming up on exclusive 360-degree videos from the NBA Finals—pregame warmups and shooting, entrances, captains’ meetings and postgame footage—which will be shared via the league’s Twitter account and the Samsung Mobile U.S. account. Unlike Facebook, which hosts its 360 videos, this content will be hosted by websites off Twitter and accessed by users via Twitter website cards. LINK

In Twitter’s newish slideshow-like carousel ad format, advertisers can include up to 20 tweets, including ones sourced from normal people. So, say, instead of only showing people one trailer to pitch a movie, a studio could add tweets with audience reviews to drive the point home or make people revisit their decision to not watch the trailer in the first place. LINK

So rudimentary, but so important: 10 content strategy practicesLINK

  • Content audits
  • Metadata
  • Governance framework
  • Content mission statement
  • Agile marketing
  • DAM
  • Brand guidelines
  • Consumer journey
  • Personas
  • Messaging structure

Beginning June 6, Tastemade will start to roll out several new shows on their Discover channel, many of them testing formats that will be firsts for Tastemade. 8-Bit Cooking School, for example, will use the old-school, pixilated animation style to follow the travels of a chef as he captures ingredients from all over the world for his 8-bit meal. Alice in Paris, meanwhile, is a super short-form scripted series, telling the story of a Parisian food lover in just 90 seconds an episode. Tastemade is also introducing several series that blend food and travel. One For the Road features the experiences of solo travelers and The Tale of Kitto Katto explores the many Kit Kat flavors found throughout Japan. Meanwhile, All the Pizza will be devoted to the Italian invention, Grand Opening – Bondi Harvest will follow Australian chef Guy Turland as he turns a dilapidated cafe in Southern California into a new local hangout, Food Court will bring a culinary twist to courtroom TV and All-Nightewill explore the best late-night eats. Many of the upcoming shows will debut on Tastemade’s Snapchat Discover channel before being repurposed for other platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Apple TV. For example, after an initial run, some episodes of All the Pizza will find their way to Facebook. And One For the Road will be extended for longer viewing via Tastemade’s Apple TV app. These are TV shows. Like, this is what I’d watch on cable if I had it. LINK