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The Daily Brief: 6.14

Twitter just made it easier to embed a timeline on your site

You can now subscribe to your favorite Discover channel. It certainly means more eyeballs and revenue, but it might also step towards Snapchat launching more Snapchat partners. With subscriptions, you’ll never miss the day’s story. And with publishers, like Tastemade, producing what would otherwise be cable TV shows, you may not want to miss an ‘episode.’ It’s also more visual. The redesign turns the media hub into a more visual experience, with tiles that act as covers teasing to the content that’s inside Discover, as opposed to the older design with just plain media logos. LINK

AMP will start supporting three new types today: LINK

  1. AMP ads; meant to load as fast as the AMP page itself and written in pure AMP HTML,
  2. Sticky ads, which will stay either at the top or bottom of the page as you scroll through an article are pretty standard outside of AMP pages and tend to be relatively unobtrusive.
  3. Flying carpet ads. Those are the ads that hijack the page’s scrolling behavior so a large ad can scroll by instead.

A light reminder of identifying and measuring Snapchat influencer marketing (like, real, REAL, basic). LINK

More than 60% of apps downloaded last month were Facebook apps. LINK

Apple is rolling out App Store ads in search. That means when users search for an app by name or keyword, developers can bid on an advertising slot at the top of the search results lists – similar to how Google search works. Search ads will be handled through an auction system, with no minimums and no exclusives in order to make it accessible to smaller developers as well. Also: LINK

  • Apple will change its “Featured” section on the App Store this fall so that it won’t recommend any of the apps you already have installed
  • Developers will also be able to set territory-specific pricing, and they’ll be able to increase prices for new subscribers while keeping loyal customers at the older, lower pricing

Facebook ad rules are finicky so this update is a tad important. LINKScreenshot 2016-06-08 16.06.25

Data is only what you make of it. But social image recognition + analysis has swaths of persona + creative potentialLogo detection opens the door to entirely different insights and demographics, providing more comprehensive understanding of an audience. Image analysis is changing the game when it comes to having complete clarity into not only how your brand is being discussed on social media, but also into the unbranded conversation. LINK

FloSports has built lookalike audiences based on their existing subscribers and website visitors and targets them, as well as Facebook users who have engaged with a video in any form. For instance, three or four weeks before a live event, FloSports will put up a hype video on Facebook. In the week leading up to that event, the company will then target those users with ads and videos that direct them to the site.” LINK

UberRush: Drivers just standing around, ready to deliver stuff to users on your behalf… just an API call away… Companies like Google (with Google Express), Harris Teeter, Nordstrom, and Walmart have already integrated UberRush into their services, and now other companies will be able to do that in a self-service fashion. This means people standing ready to deliver stuff to users on your behalf are now just an API call away. Uber has already mastered the art of getting people from place to place, and that same expertise can be transferred over to the delivery of goods. The company is pointing to a few early implementations of the API: on-demand pizza delivery app Pythagoras, on-demand dry cleaning service Dryv, on-demand meal delivery services Ando and Mealmade, and on-demand drone rental business Up Sonder. These early adopters might not be the biggest names, but Uber is nevertheless optimistic. LINK

Facebook video comments. LINK

And Facebook 360-photos. LINK