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The Daily Brief: 5.9

530K people watched Ben Carson play the piano on Facebook live. 1M people tuned in to watch Peyton Manning’s live retirement speech. More people watched an Orland Pride match on Alex Morgan’s Facebook page than a NHL playoff game. Live is raw. It’s ephemeral. There’s anticipation. Built-in engagement. Around fans’ favorite athletes, it provides a real and authentic access into the personalities we love.

Facebook just made a HUGE update to its Android app. Its focus is entirely on video and live. The redesign is Netflix-esque, but while the video tab knows what you want to watch, you’re also subscribed to your fav. pages. LINK

Snapchat ROI? “We had over half a million views. We had ROI through to sales – we sold more stuff.” LINK

The biggest digital innovators are ditching demographic audiences for mindsets. LINK

Periscope broadcasts can now be 24 hours or permanently saved. LINK

Nielsen is going to start gathering data and insight on mobile games. It’s calling the new program Mobile Game Tracking (MGT), and Nielsen will base it off of info gathered from a group of 1,200 mobile gamers each week. Any data that shows which games are the most popular can help developers make more successful titles. More precise tracking can reveal information on specific demographics and the effectiveness of marketing. This also gives Nielsen a new market to work with as traditional TV continues to suffer from the wrath of cord-cutters. LINK

PopSugar’s NewFronts: LINK

  • There’s Instagram-only video programming, too. PopSugar’s e-commerce platform ShopStyle is launching its first original series called Lens by ShopStyle that will shoot fashion influencers and women and live solely on Instagram.
  • It will also launch a new channel called Glow that focuses on health and wellness coverage and is being primarily built on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Grant is bullish on Facebook because the site automatically pushes out notifications as soon as a publisher begins broadcasting.

On the Hulu NewFronts: LINK

  • Hulu has teamed with interactive advertising company BrightLine to bring interactive advertising to connected TV devices for the first time. It will allow viewers to interact with the creative itself much as they would on a computer or mobile device. They can click on the ad and be taken to a site or page with details about a particular brand.
  • The company is also partnering with Nielsen, using its digital ad ratings to monitor OTT viewing via connected TVs for the first time, and is adding campaign-level ad measurement with Nielsen’s digital ad ratings.
  • Seventy percent of Hulu’s viewing now occurs on connected TVs. Just eight years ago, 100 percent of Hulu’s content was viewed on desktop. That number is now at 15 percent and dropping. “Mobile-tablet is growing, but living room is growing the fastest.
  • Hulu is also preparing to sell a skinny bundle of broadcast and cable channels beginning next year, targeting cord cutters. “This means our viewers will be available to enjoy live sports, news and events all in real time,” said Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins at this morning’s event. “We’re going to fuse the best of linear television and on demand in a deeply personal experience.”
  • Even subscribers to the ad-free tier are exposed to some brand messaging, including three integrations on Hulu’s original shows that Naylor will highlight during the NewFronts presentation: Goose Island IPA is integrated with Season 2 of Casual, while Microsoft and Lexus are integrated into The Mindy Project’s current season.

Instagram has new Business pages for some accounts. The features include a “Contact” button, access to maps and directions, and the ability to categorize the business by type (which may help in the curation of the feed and Explore tab). LINK

“We won’t want chat bots trying to chat us up. Rather we’ll want them to listen and obey. To understand our specific request — order me a cab to X, book me a table at Y, bring me Z etc etc — get it done hyper efficiently, and then get the hell out of our way. People won’t be staying because they love talking to the robots, it will be because the algorithms have saved them time to spend talking to other humans.LINK

Brands including Benefit and Pampers are tapping the 3-month-old Facebook reactions to inform ad campaigns, using them as proxies for emotions. This can be used not just to gauge the success of brand campaigns but also to develop strategies for new efforts by figuring out what terms and themes resonate. LINK

Even more from the NewFronts (I’m fucking loving the NewFronts). This, from Ellen, on the new Ellen Digital Network: LINK

  • DeGeneres and Oakley will collaborate on a range of original digital projects with the aim of developing projects for TV.
  • Damn, Daniel Boyz: Ellen teams up with “Damn, Daniel” creators Joshua Holz and Daniel Lara for an original series featuring debuting on Snapchat.
  • She’s Brielle-iant: This original series features 4-year-old whiz kid Brielle Milla showcasing her smarts on topics ranging from the periodic table to the human body.
  • tWitch & Allison’s Dance Challenge: Young dancers go head-to-head in this dance-competition series hosted and judged by choreographers Stephen “tWitch” Boss and wife Allison Holker of Dancing With the Stars.
  • #MadeByYou: Ellen’s team curates the best user-generated content.
  • Epic or Fail: Hosted by Ellen staffer Andy Zenor, viewers play along in real time, guessing whether the results of user-generated video stunts will be a massive success or an epic fail.

AOL is all about live video. TechCrunch production will be handled by a six-person video team working with a tech firm called Telescope to bring high-quality broadcasts to the platform. Perhaps the biggest opportunity for AOL’s live video efforts is in its ongoing “Build” afternoon talk-show series. AOL plans to up the number of “Build” broadcasts from 550 in 2015 to more than 700 this year. And the content wont be restricted to 30-minute celebrity interviews. AOL’s intentions with live video also go beyond “Build,” and will include all of its major publishing units. For instance, tech blogs like Engadget and TechCrunch will do more live streaming coverage of events like CES and Disrupt. AOL is also planning to do more custom events along the lines of TechCrunch’s “1st and Future,” in which startups pitched their technologies to the NFL ahead of this year’s Super Bowl. On the Huffington Post side, the focus will remain on politics and audience participation, especially as the U.S. presidential race heats up. And the content won’t be restricted to AOL-owned platforms. With the attention Facebook is giving to live video, AOL is also joining the fray. Nearly 75 percent of AOL’s monthly video viewership is happening outside of the company’s owned-and-operated channels. LINK

When the lines between your story and your product blur, your product has become the merchandise of your brand’s continuing saga. And what happens then is really good: an increased cycle of engagement, multiple steams of revenue, and more consumer demand for new products and new content. Of course, it also brings increased sales and a stronger brand. LINK

Chat with your website visitors using Facebook Messenger. LINK

Facebook is teaming with ad agency DigitasLBi to launch a new live-streamed morning show called “Rise and Shine,” featuring a mix of local weather, workouts, recipes and other talk show fare. The show will appear in subscribers’ News Feeds and on a designated Facebook page three to five days a week, and the creators are even building a specially designed Facebook chat bot to alert users when a new video is available to stream. Each episode will be sponsored and approved by one or more of the ad agency’s various client brands — a list that includes major companies like Taco Bell, Sony and Durex condoms. This new show might provide a clue of the role that Facebook sees advertisers playing in live video content. LINK

As Facebook ramps up its live-video efforts, some media companies wonder if airing pre-recorded content in this fashion may give it greater exposure in users’ feeds compared with simply uploading content through the social network’s non-live video posting feature. NowThis, a news company that publishes entirely on social platforms, experimented with the option in late April, for example, streaming a 38-minute compilation of its “favorite” viral videos via Facebook Live. The stream received over 20,000 views and over 500 comments, according to Facebook’s counters. LINK

Periscope + permanents saves, DJI Drone connect, and search by topics (a path to data and promoted ‘scopes). LINK