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The Daily Brief: 5.3

Segmenting the audience, focusing on CX, building relationships. It all leads to a strong content strategy. LINK

We are largely moving on from mobile and social in terms of big megatrends, video is being played out now, and its not yet clear what is going to emerge as the next big thing. Google is betting on AI and I tend to agree with them on that. Voice interfaces may be a good proxy for that trend.” LINK

After 10 years, Twitter is finally working to improve the way users discover interesting account and follow people (other than popular brands and celebrities. They’ve introduced the “Connect” tab to give users the best recommendations by algorithmically looking at who you already follow, Tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more. We’ll also let you know exactly why we’re showing you each recommendation. LINK

What you can learn from the Newfronts (here, Refinery29): Collaborate. Focus on and segment your audience. Distribute where your audience is. Make consumption easy. Use data insights to drive creative. Notes from Refinery29: LINK

  • They have a DIY beauty channel Short Cuts for Facebook Live. The channel features personalities from its influencer network, Here and Now, as well as R29 staffers
  • Their new programming lineup is heavy on brand sponsorships and celebrity partnerships.
  • It announced that beauty brand Clinique will come on as the channel’s sponsor.
  • R29 is rolling out Brawlers, a YouTube channel focusing on women in sports. Smartwater is attached to the series.
  • R29 will stake its claim in the virtual reality space with VR29 Studios. Each week through the end of the year a new immersive experience will be available for viewers to explore topics like music, sports and travel.

  • Style Stalking, based on R29 founders’ New York Times best-selling book of the same name, is an Instagram-based video series that showcases street fashion and trends across different cities

  • R29 has partnered with the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab to run focus groups (dubbed “think, do, learn” sessions by R29) to gather better intel and data that will inform future programming and creative choices meant to attract more of those celebs and brands.

Buzzfeed is expanding its Tasty distribution and monetization model (applying the Tasty model to other subject areas so it can cross-promote them to users and sell (product placement) to advertisers to a wider audience in related verticals. Tasty is building a presence on YouTube, with a long-form series, Mom vs. Chef. In addition to Nifty, examples of that expansion include new food-related series like Tasty Savings for people on a budget; Nifty Junior for kids and Nifty Kitchen. Suddenly, everything is looking like Tasty. LINK

Facebook Canvas as an immersive bedtime book. LINK

The driver of this change is mobile. Today, there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world, and the number of mobile users is growing twice as fast as the global population. Mobile is ubiquitous and deeply personal. Phones are an extension of our brains and facilitate our entire lives, meaning they are now inextricably part of our personalities and profiles. In the years to come, the concept of intimacy will be paramount for anyone looking to reach and engage an audience. Data, used smartly and responsibly, forms the path to that intimacy (the recent rise of the chatbot attests to this). Show, don’t tell” has been the motto of the content creators we support and trust to construct the stories we advertise against. Now, advertisers will be expected to be storytellers on par with content creators. Content creators can also offer us another secret: the power of collaboration. Rising above this noise means finding partners in unexpected places, even those we once would have called competition, and working together to create incredible experiences that show consumers things they didn’t even know they wanted to see. LINK

Instagram announced that it will soon roll out video carousel ads, a move that will let advertisers share up to five separate videos with one single ad purchase. Each video can be up to 60 seconds long. LINK

Brands who invest in advanced behavioural patterning are well on the way to unlocking the magic of the intent stage, and approached in the right way, this increases the chances of brand awareness and loyalty tenfold. LINK

The NBC Sports social team will be on site of the Kentucky Derby snapping everything from the barns to fashion events to the actual horse racing via NBC Sports’ Snapchat account. Meanwhile, the network will be experimenting with Live Stories in collaboration with racecourse Churchill Downs to mesh branded content with user-generated content on Derby day. NBC Sports will also install GoPro cameras around Churchill Downs to capture the excitement, so fans can stream horse racing feeds via the @NBCSN Twitter and Periscope accounts. Meanwhile, NBC’s auto racing analyst Rutledge Wood will act as a social media correspondent to document the pageantry of the Derby and interview celebrities on the red carpet via Facebook Live on Saturday. LINK