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The Daily Brief: 5.20

Snapchat might be exploring an algorithm, and has been talking about letting brands pay for a presence on the app with promoted account ads. I think the takeaway here, like any content strategy, is to be unique and be true — authenticity provides true value, and what’s valued is viewed, and develops relationsips. LINK

Facebook video comments add a new way for brands to respond and engage with fans. LINK

Google Search is getting rich cards, starting with recipes and movies on mobile. It’s another feature within search results that provided instantaneous answers to a variety of queries (re: AMP and Posts). LINK


Originals, Adidas’ lifestyle brand, launched its Snapchat channel last Friday where it is preemptively teasing items from its highly guarded collaborationsIts Snapchat story, which saw musician Pharrell Williams share moments from the LA launch of his own Originals line, flashed the first glimpse of his purple “HU” NMD kicks. Originals, rather than creating its own content, is handing the reins over to the influencers themselves. Pharrell also worked with the brand’s in-house design team to create a special geofilter for the launch event, based on his own doodles. Going forward, the brand will tap other creatives in its ambassador network for its collaborative process, and will center content around events. LINK

Brand-side content studios will only continue to grow. Agencies need to pivot to strategy and campaigns. LINK

A tool/vendor to measure Snapchat analytics and engagement (before Snapchat releases an API):

It’s Facebook/Oculus vs YouTube/Daydream. What platform makes sense for the consumption of what content? Google is making a standalone YouTube app for Daydream. The app will “provide an easier, more immersive way to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube. While YouTube already has limited support for VR videos, the new YouTube VR app will also offer an immersive interface for searching and browsing. The app also has many of the same features the current version of YouTube has, including voice search and playlists. LINK

Twitter is bringing its Twitter Audience Platform to the desktop and mobile web. Until now, Twitter Audience Platform was mainly a way for brands to extend their on-Twitter campaigns outside of Twitter. Now, Twitter’s bringing some more parity between brands’ on-Twitter and off-Twitter campaigns, though not complete parity. In addition to ads pushing tweet engagements and video views, now all brands, including small and medium-sized businesses, can run ads on both Twitter and across TAP to push website clicks and conversions, as well as mobile app installs. LINK

RadioPublic: Pandora but for podcasts? LINK

Google’s AI-powered messaging app Allo has great potential, but it has zero audience in an already saturated ecosystem. It requires mass adoption (my friends have to use it) and tactical brand integration

To promote the upcoming film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Paramount Pictures is launching a full-blown Kik campaign centered around turning the four pizza-chomping, slang-slinging, crime-fighting sewer heroes from New York City into chatbots. After chatting with “Mikey” for a little while about his favorite topic (pizza), the turtle with the orange bandana then throws you over via a link to fellow ninja turtle bot: the science-centric Donatello. Along the way, the conversations gets tossed back and forth among all four turtles, and users get GIFs and links to the trailer for the new movie set to debut June 3. Along with the bots, users can send a number of turtle-branded GIFs and earn Kik Points—the platform’s rewards program—for watching the movie’s trailer. Points can then be redeemed for turtle-themed Smileys, Kik’s equivalent of emojis. There’s even a built-in Kik microsite with additional information about the film and the characters. LINK

Now you can see how people discovered your AMP pages within the mobile search results. LINK

With the Facebook Live video map, it would be an interesting creative approach to wrap a UGC campaign around Live user videos. LINK