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The Daily Brief: 5.17

Buy video ads through Facebook to place on Facebook—and soon the rest of the web, too. Pre-roll video ads are coming to your Facebook newsfeed via the platform’s Instant Articles platform. Facebook is now extending its FAN capabilities by adding pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads for brands advertising on third-party publishers websites and apps. Third-party publishers such as USA Today Sports Media Group and Daily Mail will target users with video ads through data provided by the Facebook Audience Network. Jack in the Box is one of the first advertisers to use the new format. Advertisers will only be able to target video ads based on the audience they’re trying to reach; they won’t be able to direct their ads to specific sites or types of content. The in-article versions will appear between paragraphs on publishers’ pages, and will play automatically when at least half of their pixels are viewable on users’ screens. LINK

On Instagram’s new insights tool: LINK

  • Lets you track data on things like impressions, reach, website clicks, and other follower activity.
  • Impressions refers to the total number of times your posts have been seen.
  • Reach shows you the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.
  • Website clicks lets you track how many people click the link in your profile, which business often use to link to their website.
  • The follower analytics’ section also lets you track how many new followers you’ve gained on an hourly and daily basis. This can better help pinpoint which posts worked to convert users to followers, or which posts may have spread virally
  • Location information is available by country or by city, which makes it useful to bigger brands all the way down to smaller, local businesses.
  • The “Follower Activity” area helps businesses and brands better time their posts, as it displays the most popular times of the day when your followers are using Instagram (note the impending algorithm)
  • The Top Posts page presents as a grid of image thumbnails with the number of impressions that post received is overlaid on top, helping brand track and visualize which posts perform well.

Social listening gives context to the metrics we’re collecting. LINK

  • Brand sentiment
  • Ability to interact with real-time data
  • Influencer identification
  • Live monitoring of integrated campaigns
  • Validations of market strategies
  • Attribution of conversions

Start a Periscope in the Twitter app (on Android). LINK

Twitter is dropping the characters used for links/ photos/ videos. More room to text characters. More to consume. Better link descriptions. LINK

Netflix installed a series of interactive billboards throughout Paris. The billboards show the most prominent characters in all of Netflix’s series, and include CTAs that invite Parisians to interact on Snapchat and casually faceswap with them. LINK

Google is updating its offerings for retailers by launching ads in Google Images and introducing local inventory features. The ads, which will show up next to related products photos in Google Images, allow interested users to click on images that direct to a retailer’s website. To capitalize on local search intent, retailers will now be able let users select “buy online pickup in store” by using store pickup links to local product pages. LINK

Through the effective use of video content, brands can reach, engage with, and captivate travel audiences. Well-made and placed videos can influence the destination and activities a traveler ultimately pursues. This plays a valuable role in guiding the consumer through the entire journey – from destination consideration, research and selection, to booking. LINK

Attribution is critical for justifying social success. Adding pixels should NOT be so challenging. LINK

The more the algorithm, the more the influencer; why influencer marketing reignsLINK

Tumblr introduced two GIF-related updates on iOS, including adding “GIF” as a new type of post. When users tap the new yellow GIF icon to share a GIF, they’ll see any content that can be turned into a GIF, like videos, bursts and live photos, or they can create a new GIF within the app. In addition, users can now add text overlays to their GIFs in three different fonts. Users can change the size and color of their text, rotate text and drag text around the image to create the perfect GIF. LINK