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The Daily Brief: 4.7

Line is opening its API to developers so they can build bots! LINK

On chat bots and brands on messaging platforms: LINK

  • Chatbots are being embraced at an unprecedented rate because they are easy to build, scalable — since they can be powered across a range of platforms — and are both useful and promotional.
  • One of the biggest reasons for chatbots gaining momentum now is that the tech is there and the app ecosystem has lost its charm for marketers.
  • Offer smart utilities.
  • Are opt-in experiences.
  • Give consumers access to content they want.
  • Facilitates conversation and client discovery.

Get an unofficial Snapchat button for your site. LINK

Facebook Messenger now makes it easier to connect with other people and businesses with messenger codes (BooR/QR-like), usernames, and links (like the Snapchat username URL –[yourusername]). LINK

  • Brand usernames will be placed directly on a business’s Facebook Page, directly underneath the Page title with the @ symbol in front of it.
  • The Messenger codes can be used in ads, websites and other marketing materials. These Messenger Code images for download are being delivered via the Page’s inbox.
  • Facebook will allow businesses to customize their “Messenger Greetings,” which is a new feature that pops up a note in the message thread between a business and customer before any messages are sent. The idea here is that businesses can set the tone or pass along important information to those who are reaching out to chat
  • Also, Messenger has 900 million MAU.

More time now spent in messaging apps than social apps. Attention is brokered. Brands, agencies: build accordingly. messaging-social-networks-time-spent-attention-2016

Yesterday’s Facebook Live update also included search for live and on-demand video. As Facebook describes it, just type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the screen to discover all sorts of videos about things that matter to you, from chefs sharing their recipes to scientists explaining their breakthroughs to comedians trying out new jokes. Expect to find Live video in a small handful of Trending topics for now. As more people start creating and sharing Live video, we’re excited to see these perspectives make Trending topics an even better experience. This is what the future our live and on-demand video screen looks like. LINK


Facebook will announce chatbot and live chat APIs at F8, providing developers with API tools to build chatbots and Live Chat web plugins for business clients. The bots will be able to respond with what it calls “Structured Messages”. These include a title, image, a description, a URL, and calls to action such as visiting a website, viewing an ecommerce order, or making a restaurant reservation. LINK

Across the MLB this week, teams are filming and pushing out Periscope broadcasts showing Opening Day from every angle, a practice they’ll continue throughout the season. And not only that, the league actually bolstered stadium wifi connectivity so more fans can easily share Periscopes of their own. “The most successful leagues (brands) are the ones that are able to able to keep fans engaged with the sport (the brand) in real time.” LINK

Brands are in a good position for Facebook Live and live video. Brands will set up studios for their livestreams to take place, and many on location and at events; partner with talent that can host and lead their livestreams; and have influencers take over channels at events. LINK

Enjoyed some of IHOP’s Snapchat tactics: “Snapchat provides us a unique opportunity to join in one-to-one conversations with our fans that heighten our connection with them, in a way that is fun, playful and creative, like the custom geotargeted filters we created for guests to discover and “snap” in-restaurant. We’ve also used the platform to elicit feedback from our fans around in-restaurant experiences and to drive demand for new IHOP locations. For example, when we recently opened a new location on the campus of West Virginia University, we created a Snapchat Story specifically tailored toward college students — which not only drove traffic to that location, it helped drive demand for IHOP locations in other campuses around the country!” LINK