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The Daily Brief: 4.28

Alex Morgan broadcasted her Orlando Pride match on her Facebook page. It had greater reach than the Nashville Predators vs Anaheim Ducks playoff game, and certainly more engagement than the live stream on the team’s YouTube page. The audience -thousands of Morgan fans — is so niche, and incredible opportunity for tickets or shirt purchase CTAsLINK

Twitter and Facebook want publishers and brands to stop promoting their Snapchat accounts. No deep links in Instagram bios or Facebook posts; No snap codes as profile pics on Twitter or Facebook. LINK

Pinterest has begun rolling out a way to highlight local and trending ideas from across its site. Every day, the company’s editors, along with local brands, celebrities, and influencers, will curate popular pins, users, boards, and searches within Featured Collections. This dedicated space is available to users in the U.K., France, Germany, Brazil, and Japan to start with and can be accessed on Android and on the Web. Local Pinterest community teams will rely on trending data to select what will be featured in these spaces. They’ll look at ideas posted by brands, celebrities, and Pinners who have “quality content” that represents popular topics within local areas. LINK

Snapchat now 10 billion video views a day (up from 8 billion in February). As photo + video replace text for messaging, Snapchat continues to skyrocket. LINK

The best Facebook Live videos created by sports media have been surprising unique (NFL prospects playing Jenga) and fan-oriented (taking fan questions). Remember that Live is like TV on ‘roids: you get the reach but it’s also an opportunity to tap into a live and engaging audience around a current event, culturally relevant topic, or something completely bizarre and out there that’s just too damn fun — something TV can’t offer. LINK

Google has built a Web-based interface through which posts can be formatted and uploaded directly to (and hosted on) its systems. The posts can be up to 14,400 characters in length and can include links and up to 10 images or videos. The pages also include options to share them via Twitter, Facebook or email. Each post is hosted by Google itself on a dedicated page, and appears in a carousel in results pages for searches related to their authors for up to a week. After seven days, the posts remain live but won’t be surfaced in search results. The experimental feature is separate from Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages program. This isn’t about micro-moments and the how-to’s, but what’s current. The news. What’s relevant now. What’s trending. Pop culture. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s team is currently using the feature (first the search result, then the Posts page):

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Jimmy Kimmel Live on Google Posts
Jimmy Kimmel Live on Google Posts