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The Daily Brief: 4.18

Facebook may look even more like TV if it decides playing ads right within Live (barf). LINK

GoPro is launching GoPro VR, a platform that will host curated GoPro VR video content (similar to how its existing on-demand video channel works for “regular” footage). The spherical/VR video content will initially come via its sponsored athletes and artists, but it’s likely some user-generated content will follow once there’s enough of it. LINK

Under Armour will release a three-second commercial every time Curry sinks a three in the Playoffs. The thing is each ad is its own story. And because all are short/quick to consume and fun, you can’t not watchLINK

You can start livestreaming 360-degree clips on YouTube now. LINK

Skip ads and tell stories, entertain, educate, inspire and touch lives. Skip ads and win hearts. Don’t get in the way of what consumers want. Be what they want. Nearly every media company—CNN, The New York Times, AOL, iHeart Media, Vox, Conde Nast and on and on—now operates some version of a brand lab to co-create original content in partnership with brands. TV networks from NBC to TBS and the new Viceland are filling some commercial breaks with long-form branded content instead of 30-second spots. A-list storytellers such as Ron Howard, Mark Burnett, Morgan Spurlock, Dan Harmon and Ilene Chaiken collaborate with brands to help them create stories that appeal to audiences. Brands such as Red Bull, GE, Marriott, Pepsi, Taco Bell and more are making significant investments in content studios designed to fund original programming to compete with the best of what TV and the web have to offer. LINK

Today, YouTube and Oracle Data Cloud are announcing a new partnership to offer consumer-packaged-goods marketers in the U.S. data on how their ads affect in-store purchases. LINK

Nielsen, comScore and Integral Ad Science are now part of Facebook’s third-party verification partner program. LINK

Let go and let influencers do influential things. LINK

One of the more fascinating Beacon programs is Xone and their in-store to Facebook Custom Audience retargeting capabilities. LINK