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The Daily Brief: 4.17

Instagram’s updated Explore tab, and “Feature” channel, forces brands to be more culturally relevant, timely, and contextual with video. The experience is “lay back” (like Facebook suggested, Snapchat Live Stories, and Vine’s new update). And like any channel, the updated Explore tab (based on your interests) becomes a and a good channel that you can place targeted ads in. LINK, LINK

Huge reason why we have the hots for bots is because of a crowded app store. Promoted apps in the Apple App Store could remedy this. LINK

A new homescreen layout Facebook is testing in its app appears similar to its other Facebook app, Paper. It’s organized by feeds/topics for a more digestible way of consuming content. Considering how Facebook is betting big on video, with Live, branded videos, and a preference in the algorithm, this could become how we discover and consume video in the app in the future — with personal and selected feeds, and possibly subscriptions. LINK

On-air talent and 100 scheduled shows? That’s TV. Facebook Live is TV. Tastemade planning to do 100 live shows a month on Facebook Live, with and more polished, TV-quality video streams. Show formats will include recipe tutorials, cooking programs with on-camera talent, travel shows and other new formats designed specifically to be watched in a live setting. The programs will typically run between 10 to 60 minutes, instead of the shorter videos Facebook users have grown accustomed to. And for some of the content, Tastemade will look to repackage it for other social platforms including YouTube and Snapchat. LINK

Travel Oregon is advertising on The Onion. One article: Tips For Setting Up A Campsite. “Nonchalant, fun and confident, but not overly confident, which just fit right in with the Onion.”LINK

YouTube now reaches more 18-to-34-olds and 18-to-49-year-olds (the key demographic) than than any TV network — broadcast or cable — on mobile; more than half of the 18-to-49-year-old demographic YouTube users surveyed said they have watched the Google-owned video platform on their TVs; and whopping 90% of that same demographic said they use a smartphone, tablet or computer while watching TV. LINK

Facebook Messenger is essentially a CRM wrapped in a messaging platform. Each message is sent to one unique individual; each customer interaction can be customized to that person. Now brands will have the ability to tailor the service to each customer. This will require you to capture context, build user profiles and maintain history. The user should be able to order pizza — or just about anything else — by saying “usual” soon after the user has some history with the brand. LINK

Please don’t over think how — and that’s if — you measure Facebook Reactions. You should publish with a response KPI and evaluate performance and the overall sentiment of your audience. Plan. Evaluate. Understand. LINK

How Facebook Live played a role in Kobe’s final game. LINK

  • ESPN took fans courtside with Darren Rovell
  • Liz Habib caught Kobe’s entrance
  • Andy Nesbitt spoke with Lakers fans outside the Staples Center
  • Retired NBA player, Antoine Walker, reminisced about playing with Kobe while answering fan questions
  • Shaquille O’Neal said thank you with this heartfelt post

Vine brought it’s web-only feature, TV-mode, to the app to help fans/viewers watch Vines back-to-back continuously. Not many — if any — creators or brands have yet taken the opportunity to create some type of miniseries. LINK

Google Analytics is slowly rolling out a new feature called User Explorer that offers website owners a chance to see, on anonymized basis, very specific visitor interactions across their website. User Explorer Reporting is a new set of reporting in Google Analytics that allows customers to anonymously analyze individual interactions to their website. User Explorer utilizes your existing anonymous Google Analytics data to deliver incremental insights [and] helps marketers obtain valuable insights need to improve and optimize their site. The feature is now available in the Audience sections. Anonymous Client ID and User ID will be surfaced in this report as a part of the release. LINK

Content marketing is a strategic solution to a strategic problem. To reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business, you have to create content people actually want. LINK