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The Daily Brief: 4.12

Google’s Voice Access beta is like Echo for your phone and is an indication of how we’ll search and consume content. LINK

Telegram’s bot 2.0 update brings a clutch of new features to build out the utility of its bot platform — including the ability for devs to build bots that can send any type of content supported on Telegram, such as documents, MP3s, videos, stickers, animations and contacts; support for location-based services; and the ability to deeply integrate with other services based on users’ phone numbers. Telegram has built four sample bots to show off the new features: @music, a bot for searching for and sharing classical music; @youtube, a bot for searching and sharing YouTube videos; @foursquare, a bot for finding nearby restaurants and places to share addresses with friends; and @sticker, a bot for finding stickers using — you guessed it — emoji as the start point for a sticker search. LINK

Facebook’s Live API puts high-quality video production into studio-level equipment. Publishers/media companies can focus more on creative and stories. Brands and agencies should also take note on the Live API + Facebook’s recent opening for branded content. Develop partnerships and monetize. And think about it. Now anything with a camera and a data connection can broadcast live to Facebook. LINK

  • Launch partners: Mevo (a live streaming camera, DJI (drones), Buzzfeed
  • Partners have built video production, editing, and streaming products that publish directly to Facebook Live and bring live video to life with features like camera switching, instant replay, on-screen graphics and special effects. LINK
    • The Live API lets you build video streams that mix multiple video and audio sources and introduce special effects. These can also include programmatic sources like games or screencasts.
    • Create on-screen graphics that show live poll results, analyze comments, and enable comment moderation.

Facebook is introducing a Save to Facebook button for the web. Publishers can now add the button to their standard article templates, and whenever a user taps the button, it will save the article or video directly to their Facebook queue. Could be an interesting ecommerce and retargeting play? LINK

Facebook will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, ecommerce guidance, content, and interactive experience through “Agents on Messenger”, Facebook’s term for chatbots. By providing utility through its huge developer and business ecosystem, Facebook could boost loyalty with Messenger, one-up SMS, and keep up chat competitors like Kik, Line and Telegram that have their own bot platforms. LINK

  • David Marcus alludes to “sponsored messages” for businesses on Messenger, so you can buy Facebook ads to drive users to chat bot conversations, of course. Both Sponsored Messages (charging businesses to send re-engagement messages to people who’ve already voluntarily started a conversation with them) and Click To Message ads could pull users into a conversation with a bot that can then try to sell them things. Imagine if instead of clicking an ad and then having to guide yourself around an unfamiliar e-commerce website, you could just tell the bot your preferences and it could show you relevant products you might want to buy.

  • Meet the Bot Engine, Facebook’s more powerful bot framework. The Bot Engine is based on’s work. Facebook acquired last year, and later built M for Messenger using’s platform. The Bot Engine relies on machine learning. It means that you can feed it sample conversations so that it can handle many different variations of the same questions. It won’t feel like entering a command line, but more like talking with a human. LINK

Twitter Moments will now allow curators to create and share Moments containing SoundCloud’s audio cards – that is, music tracks embedded in a tweet. The cards are a special format that lets curators attach music or any other audio content to a tweet. Then, when a user clicks the “play” button in the tweet, the content simply starts streaming. LINK

Facebook Account Kit allows developes to build customizable push and in-app notifications will let developers run push campaigns to pull people back into their apps, and help them navigate to new content or options while they’re already inside. LINK

Facebook is protecting all your video content now with Rights Manager. LINK

Facebook launched a new way for publishers to easily crosspost videos within and across Pages owned by the same Business Manager (our tool that helps publishers manage multiple Pages). Also rolling out accompanying total performance insights for videos: a single, aggregate view count for crossposted videos, as well as an easy way to see the total performance of a crossposted video across the different places it appears on Facebook. LINK

Apps like Vine, Instagram’s Boomerang, and Facebook’s MSQRD will soon have buttons that let them send videos you capture directly over to Facebook, where they’ll be put in place as your new profile image. Other apps will be able to support this too. “If you’re building a selfie cam app … you can plug this in seamlessly to Facebook.” Facebook is calling its new tool the “profile expression kit,” and it’s being made available to developers of camera apps so that they can start adding this integration. LINK