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The Daily Brief: 4.11

Facebook will now allow publishers to post ads in the form of branded content to their pages. The rules apply to its new live video product and Instant Articles, the fast-loading multimedia posts that Facebook hosts, and all other post formats. They’re offering a new tool that makes it easy for publishers and influencers to tag a marketer when they publish branded content. Publishers and influencers must use this tag for all branded content shared on Facebook. LINK

That Buzzfeed watermelon video? Yeah. It shows the value of the Facebook algorithm/video. Which is to say aggregating a mass audience around a live event that everyone’s watching. Suspense. Drama. A beginning, a climax, and an end. A storyline. An interactive storyline. It’s the new TV. It had a larger audience than Conan, a livestream of a Weezer concert, and MSNBC’s average total dayside viewers in February. LINK (1), LINK (2)

We are entering a new era in which the Hollywood celebrities are not the go-to main celebrities for young people, but where the digital celebrities and influencers are driving the conversations and interactions. LINK

Netflix’s social strategy is simple: Have a content strategy, a voice, and an understanding of how your fans use and consume your productLINK

Customer service provider [24]7 ports its chat bot/live agent service to Facebook Messenger. The tag team offering is the latest sign that the popular messaging app is becoming a major channel for customer interaction. A customer first encounters an automated chat bot, which then hands off to a human if things get too dicey. LINK

Lazyset is a Twitter bot that will make you the perfect Spotify playlist. In short, Lazyset is a relatively simple mashup of the Twitter streaming API and the newly-released Spotify Discovery API. It works by picking up mentions of @lazyset on twitter then finding the artist on Spotify, running it through the Discovery API, creating a playlist, then sending it back to the requester through Twitter. LINK

Periscope is testing a new feature called Sketching, which makes it fun and easy for broadcasters to draw on the screen while broadcasting. LINK

Social is an opportunity for fans to engage with the brand and the brand to provide opportunities for fans to interact in completely unexpected ways. What content are you providing that they would care about? How do we create engaging social content (for our target demographic)? Tailor your content to the channel, and use these channels as branding channels rather than conversion channels. LINK

  • Red Bull: People aren’t interested in energy drinks, so they post about extreme sports
  • Dove: People don’t care about soap, so they post about inner beauty
  • Intel: People don’t care about computer chips, so they post about technology broadly

Facebook will let you put more text in the images you use in ads but will still punish you for doing so (less reach, greater cost). LINK

Ticketmaster will start selling event tickets directly on Facebook by the end of April. LINKenhanced-mid-31901-1460389394-12