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The Daily Brief: 3.30

Twitter just made it easier to figure out conversions made on an advertiser’s website. The company today launched the universal website conversions tag, available in addition to Twitter’s single-event conversion tag. With the universal website tag, you can install a single snippet of code—the universal website tag—across your entire website by placing it in a global page header, on every page of your site, or in a third-party tag manager. Once installed, you can use the universal website tag to easily create and manage conversion events and tailored audiences without making any additional changes to tags on your website. LINK

The shift to OTT is on its way. Viewers are fast shifting to over-the-top (OTT) consumption for TV programming via Smart TVs, devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and services such as Sony Vue, TV network apps, and, of course, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. OTT’s share of digital video viewing time has increased to about 70 percent while desktop viewing has declined. Average weekly OTT viewing time is expected to grow 38% this year to 9.5 hours, and another 38 percent in 2017. New OTT offerings are constantly being announced, along with new content from OTT services and from publishers like VICE, YouTube Red and Crackle. OTT streaming devices saw the strongest growth of any platform in 2015, up 157 percent over 2014. Despite that growth, OTT streaming devices still account for only 13 percent of video advertising views, according to a sponsored IAB study. It’s common while watching OTT programming to see ad spots unfilled or the same ad play over and over again. LINK

KLM now uses Facebook Messenger for boarding passes, flight info, and customer service. The new KLM Messenger service will be open to all customers who book tickets through and who elect to receive information via Messenger. LINK

Comedy Central announced Wednesday that it’s expanding its slate of original series created exclusively for Snapchat Discover. The Viacom-owned network will add nine new series and renew four of its existing Snapchat shows: Quickie with Nikki, Swag-A-Saurus with James Davis, Like It with Liza and Hot Takes withBrandon Wardell. LINK

Snapchat basically has Facebook Canvas for its interstitial video ads. Snapchat’s interstitial video ads can now feature the ‘swipe up to read’ functionality found throughout Discover. (So, you know, you watch the 10 second video ad, and swipe to read an article, a listicale, and listacle with short video…) LINK

Facebook will now enable publishers to place video ads into Instant Articles. The social network said it will also allow publishers to place one additional ad unit at the bottom of every Instant Article, which it estimated could increase ad impressions by more than 20%. Currently publishers may include one ad for every 350 words of content. LINK