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The Daily Brief: 3.3

Viacom believes it has the creative expertise and distribution footprint to help advertisers go beyond the standard commercial. So today, it’s launching the Velocity Content Network, a 20-person, in-house content studio that will create and distribute branded content across social and digital platforms as well as TV. LINK

Publishers are increasingly coming around to the idea of a distributed future. They’re re-allocating resources to build teams that produce content for specific social platforms, and they’re syndicating articles on platforms like Apple News, Facebook and Flipboard, hoping to make money by selling ads against them there instead of just linking back to their own sites. LINK

AdRoll, the retargeting and advertising company, is announcing a new product today called SendRoll, which will extend the power of retargeting to email marketing — the consistently the most lucrative channel for digital marketers, in part because of its inherent user identification and measurability. Marketers know exactly which users are seeing which offers and the rate of conversion for those offers. LINK

An unnecessary reminder that Instagram lends itself to lifestyle/aspirational content, authentic and self-relational stories. Man, this is so unnecessary but some people don’t get it. LINK

Facebook Instant Articles are driving more Unique Daily Visits for Gawker. “After Gawker properties live on Facebook Instant Articles, US UVs up to 4.7m, from earlier norm of 4m.” LINK

Periscopes are now embedded inside LINK

You can now share Spotify Playlists in Messenger. Expect more Messenger integrations as Facebook allows more brands to build on its platform. LINK

It’s getting REALLY hard to be discovered and make money in the App Store. You either need to continually push big marketing and PR, be absolutely disruptive, or layer your app on another platform, like Messenger. LINK

Twitter recently launched Customer Feedback as a way for brands and consumer to resolve issues, bringing two industry standard question formats: Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Now, Apple has a dedicated channel for customer support. Coincidence? LINK

Brands have realized that video doesn’t have to be broadcast-worthy, it just has to be authentic and resonate with viewers. LINK

One out of every five engagements with brands on Facebook and Twitter is driven by television advertising, and TV advertising during premium programming drives 4.5 times higher social brand engagement than during non-premium programming. LINk