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The Daily Brief: 3.28

The platform relationship specialist: It’s the person who builds, maintains and nurtures relationships with their counterparts at platforms, tracks product changes of current and newly emerging platforms, and understands the nuances of these platforms. LINK

Recent study of 90M U.S users:  LINK

  • 6.1M hours spent on KIK.
  • Snapchat at 7.7M.
  • WhatsApp 2.6M.
  • Messenger 1.5M.
  • 444.5M sessions spent on Kik
  • 191.8M sessions on Messenger
  • 169M in WhatsApp
  • 17.3M in GroupMe
  • 13.4M in Line
  • 48M hours spent on Facebook
  • 15.3M on YouTube
  • 13.6M on Instagram
  • 7.7M on Snapchat
  • 2.1M on Twitter
  • 740k on Pinterest
  • 518k on Tumblr
  • 1.4B sessions spent on Facebook
  • 503.6M sessions on Instagram
  • 437.1M on Snapchat
  • 171.3M on YouTube
  • 85.4M on Twitter
  • 16.6M on Pinterst

Average Percentage of Time Spent Daily in App Categories in the U.S.

Five interesting bots to talk to on Kik: LINK

  • ClipDis: Send it any message with text or emojis for a hilarious video, or use one of its slashtags to get a randomly generated video.
  • Indianapolis Colts: Chat with ‘Colts’ to see if you have what it takes to make the right choices and become one of the pros.
  • Makeover Bot: If you want advice on your look or love giving style tips to friends, send your first selfie to Makeover Bot today. The Makeover Squad, a team of LA style professionals, gives pretty great advice.
  • Zombie Invasion: Zombie Invasion puts your survival instincts to the test – will you live or will you get infected?
  • BlynkStyle: BlynkStyle shows you outfits, lets you shop, and has fun quizzes. Choose whether you like, love, or “nah” different outfits, and get tips on looks for every occasion (including where to buy them online)

Bots are unique to products and their goals, and they are only as successful as they are built to be. First and foremost, teams need to know what bot is right for their product. “Bots live in one of four quadrants. Your X-axis represents Engagement Time and the Y-axis represents Repeat Use. Each quadrant can be optimal for all different types of bots. Everyone wants high engagement time and high repeat use. Developers are trying to chase that. But, we are still in the early days of bot-making, particularly for products, so we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in that quadrant. LINK

Smileys are super popular on Kik. Users love getting them with Kik Points. Now there’s a new way for you to share the love – and, specifically, your smileys. With the introduction of Kik Locker, you can gift smileys to friends. Shared branded smileys as part of an activation campaign? LINK

WeChat, LINE, and Facebook Messenger have all positioned themselves as centralized platforms that enable users to access a variety of services, not just messaging. LINK

  • WeChat offers — movie tickets, transportation (air, rail, taxi), and money transfer, among other services. In addition to these utility services, they’ve made it possible for brands to create accounts on the platform and engage users directly, via ‘Official Accounts.’ These Official Accounts enable brands to offer followers a mobile app/browser-like experience within the WeChat platform. Adding a brand account is like adding a friend — you either search for the brand manually or scan the brand’s barcode to add it to your contacts list. WeChat provides Subscription Accounts. The previous NBA and KLM Airlines account examples we showed, that sit in users’ Chats list, are WeChat Service Accounts. Unlike Service Accounts, Subscription Accounts are not individually included in users’ Chats list; rather, they are all bundled in a “Subscriptions” folder. These accounts lack a lot of the full fledged functionality of the Service Accounts, but are ideal for brands that simply want to distribute content frequently. For example, below we see fresh motivational messages from Lebron James and daily news from the Wall Street Journal. Subscription Accounts can send one broadcast message per day; like Service Accounts, the restriction is lifted when a user interacts with the account.
  • Line users can add friends via barcodes, payment services, and brands can create accounts to interact with users. LINE’s main difference from WeChat is that it provides key value added services via unbundled apps (50+ apps in the “LINE Family”). Apps in the LINE Family include LINE Shop to find the best shopping deals, and LINE TV to watch videos on mobile. LINE charges businesses substantially for its Official Accounts. A user can follow a brand’s LINE account to access the latest content/services relating to that particular brand. LINE lets brands create and offer stickers for sale (featuring the LINE mascots) via the LINE Creators Market. Brands like Disney, Burberry, and UNIQLO sell these stickers on LINE, driving brand affinity and increasing revenue. Media personalities including Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5 have also extended their brands using LINE stickers.

On designing smart notifications. LINK

The Tinder + Rock the Vote partnership just made so much sense. And here are the results from the “Swipe to Vote” Tinder campaign. LINK

Instagram is testing a new search bar that’ll let you search a specific person’s followers, as well as who they’re following. The search bars appear under the “Followers” and “Following” section within the app. LINK

Facebook Messenger is finally becoming WeChat of the West by offering an all-/biz shopping and payments services. The software includes commands allowing a user to “pay in person” or “pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item” with “no cash needed.” Included in the software are prompts for users to tap “suggested businesses.” By “suggesting” businesses–possibly based on which Pages users have liked–Messenger appears to be trying to solve the significant question of how users will discover companies to chat with on the platform. This feature also opens the doors for how Facebook can make money off businesses in Messenger: Businesses could promote themselves as a “suggested business” just like they can pay for search ads on Google or promoted pages on News Feed. People can’t yet use Messenger to pay for items when chatting with businesses. But the software suggests an unreleased feature will support online shopping through Messenger: among the commands we spotted was one that lets users “talk to the seller and pay for items in Messenger.” The team at Messenger also appears to be preparing features to make the app a bigger part of users’ lives, like syncing calendars (promo dates and events?), sharing parts of articles and writing status updates that would typically go in News Feed. The code shows a prompt saying “This lets Messenger add events to your calendar, help you organise your day and more” and “swipe right to move to the next link.” LINK

Sanders was the the first-ever politician to use Canvas, with an ad showing viewers how to vote in certain states — from finding a voting location to checking  photo ID requirements — and also included information on how caucuses work. It cost the campaign $350,000, and it reached just over 750,000 people in Iowa. In New Hampshire, it reached 330,000 people for a cost of $175,000. Facebook lets campaigns upload email lists of supporters and then target them, or upload voter files to match against Facebook profiles to reach real voters with vote histories. The platform also recently rolled out political influencer targeting that lets campaigns reach people in networks that are likeliest to share political campaigns.

The Kardashians get more views on Snapchat than on TV. Snapchat is the new reality TV. LINK

Live media is the most dynamic category of mobile storytelling developing today because it’s fast, immersive and consumable in the palm of your hand. It’s everything we love (and occasionally hate) about the internet – immediate, first person, and chaotic as hell. And it’s changing the way we connect with the world’s stories because it’s creating new ways to experience and participate in real-world events.” LINK

A visual list of (what could be) every nationally-available Snapchat filter since December LINK