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The Daily Brief: 3.16

Apple News will open its native iOS news platform to independent publishers of all sizesLINK And they’re also introducing an ad format for sponsored posts that appear in users’ news feeds. LINK

Ford is beta testing a new app for helping drivers find parking spots.The premise of GoPark is simple. Using an algorithm, the app distills all of the convoluted parking rules down to three pieces of information: Can you park here? If so, for how long? And how much will it cost? Ford will integrate seamless payment options, so that drivers can pay the meter directly from the app. The app’s interface shows a street map with your car’s location. A green or red overlay visually denotes if you can park in a location (green is yes, red is no). It also has plans to create a SMS service, so that people without smartphones can text their car to do simple tasks like check how much time is left on the meter  LINK

Twitch. More than gaming. Now a full-time food channel, with Food Channel (link). We call Facebook, with its emphasis on videos and live, the next TV, but with Amazon behind Twitch, and the supply chain to distribute its live content, monetize it with shopping features, lure creatives and influencers, how soon until Twitch is our TV? LINK

VR ecommerce. MasterCard has enlisted the help of professional golfer Graeme McDowell for some Priceless Golf VR fun, with willing buyers able to identify an item, such as the shirt or shoes that McDowell’s wearing, and buy it there and then. MasterCard will also be offering a preview of how consumers could soon be using augmented reality (AR) technology in-store, and will be showing how something like a golf glove could be used to initiate payment. LINK

Facebook is testing a feature that lets users converse around themes of their choosing. The feature adds a topic to a post and gives users the ability to search among conversations. LINK

CPMs of popular podcasting shows sometimes reach $50 to $60 for ads. Podcasting bubble, or in the midst of the golden era? LINK

Facebook profile pic frames/lenses/overlays appear to be open for brands to create and share. Another tool for an awareness campaign. LINK

You could read this article on what Instagram’s algorithm could mean for brands and agencies, or, you can simply stick to making good shit, and promoting the best shit. This algorithm is meant to surface the best, most relevant posts and cut out the clutter. LINK

Taco Bell’s Tasty parodies are legit funny. LINK