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The Daily Brief: 3.15

The bored-on-the-couch time (primetime and live) are the key moments when fans and brands connect. The common denominator here? Culture. “Anytime people are bored or have an in-between moment, they look at their phone. Social platforms… are monetising their commercial breaks.” LINK

Google Posts can be and will be used to surface the most relevant info for any query. LINK

People miss 70% of their Instagram feed (LINK). Engagement has decreased 70%. (LINK). The Instagram algorithm is here. LINK (Just post great shit. You’ll be fine.)

Remember the power of fundraising/donations campaigns on Twitter. Donate buttons or $Cashtags, stories, and target, target, target. LINK

Uber is the first brand to use a Messenger ad. LINK

Content that fans want (recipes for overnight oats) delivered in a surprising new way. Quaker built an app for Amazon’s Echo, helping users find and make recipes for overnight oats. LINK

Dove and Twitter are unveiling a #SpeakBeautiful Effect tool, which allows users to retweet an invitation from the @Dove handle via accounts they want analyzed. Dove will tweet the user back a link with a personalized analysis of their tweeting tendencies in minutes. The analysis provided will include a “Beauty Quotient” that compares a woman’s or girl’s general mood with how her tone changes when talking about beauty and reveal the most common emotion expressed in her beauty tweets on a spectrum of 46 possibilities. The tool will also provide insights about what time of day they’re more positive or negative about appearance. And it will display the percentage of “body positivity tweets” by regions in the U.S. to help show how the #SpeakBeautiful Effect is influencing change around the country. LINK