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The Daily Brief: 3.10

People and brands can now use the Steller app to publish Instant Articles to Facebook (with CTA buttons)The deal between the two companies is similar to Facebook’s tie-up with WordPress that was announced earlier this week that extends Instant Articles to anyone who runs a self-hosted WordPress site or pays for WordPress VIP. Brands may also be swayed by Instant Articles’ more interactive elements. For example, Instant Articles lets content creators include widgets, such as the email newsletter sign-up forms that publishers like The New York Times have begun adopting. But brands can use these widgets to get people who are reading their content to sign up for more than just a newsletter, like click here to schedule a test drive’ orenter your email to get a BMW packet.’ All of these things are already possible in Instant Articles,” said Peter Denton, VP of marketing at Steller. Other examples of interactive widgets Steller is developing for Instant Articles include a “call now” button that could be used by real estate agents, as one example, and a “reserve now” buttons for hotel chains. LINK

The top six components for better mobile SEO: LINK

  1. Focus on core ranking.
  2. Fix mobile-friendly errors.
  3. Do mobile keyword research and content creation.
  4. Do app store optimization.
  5. Do app indexing.
  6. Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Cola is a new messaging app with “bubbles,” interactive and functionality elements, at the core. LINK

App SEO (deep-linking in-app content and streaming it) and search powered by AI and conversation are the future of search. LINK

MTV is giving the Reese’s brand the opportunity to take over its Snapchat Discover Channel for a tentpole event. A great example of how linear TV networks can leverage the reach of their social properties for advertisers. LINK

Inherently personal (most are personalized to your tastes) and with the element of surprise built in (you never know exactly what you’re going to get), subscription boxes bring a bit of playfulness back to shopping. LINK

This, but instead of a Facebook video tab for Gear VR, it’s for mobile, and you’re watching your favorite TV shows. (Gear VR will be incorporating a new Facebook video tab that lets you connect your Facebook and Oculus accounts to bring personalized feeds — based on who you’re following (including brands) — to your VR content absorption experience.) LINK