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The Daily Brief: 2.26

Mobile is becoming core to all consumer-brand efforts, both in terms of time spent with these devices and because they are home base for search and social media and, increasingly, all things videoLINK

  • As 5G emerges, more contextual experiences via video and AI will explode.
  • Content that informs, can be shared or provides utility will be blocked less60% of consumers are open to ads that tell a story versus sell a product. 
  • As software advances, marketers and agencies will need to worry less about messaging and more about the alchemy of creativity, context and technology when creating brand messages.

Here’s how Burberry, Coke, and Wendy’s used Facebook’s new Canvas ad format. LINK

Social/mobile platforms are expanding new opportunities for brands to reach audiences in new ways (SHOCKER!).The mobile era allows legacy publications to collaborate with new media properties and tech companies in ways they couldn’t a few years ago. LINK

All the social buying tools and buttons, in a handy-dandy list. LINK

Amazon has unveiled an original video series that will be supported by ads (and, in my opinion, sales around branded and related content) and live outside Prime’s walls. The first episode of Season 3 of “The Fashion Fund,” a 10-episode reality show series produced by Conde Nast Entertainment that follows top fashion design contestants as they compete for a $400,000 grand prize. The show is available for free to anyone who visits, so long as they are willing to sit through a few minutes of commercials. LINK

Commercials are being replaced with branded content in TV shows — content that will give us more from the characters and stars we love. Media and advertising is now just entertainment.  “On Feb. 29, NBC will replace ads on shows like “Blindspot,” “The Voice,” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” with the content sponsored by the credit card company, NBC said in a statement. That will include extra scenes and interviews with stars from the shows with the American Express brand mentioned before and after each segment.” LINK

Mark Zuckerberg really, really, really loves live video. Like, way more than you do. So expect more ‘live’ and more features real soon. LINK

IHOP just released a geo-fenced Snapchat filter exclusive to its locations. (FWIW, McDonald’s did the same a while back). LINK