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The Daily Brief: 5.31

Now you can listen to 30-second previews of songs in your timeline and Moments thanks to Twitter’s audio cards that now support Spotify. LINK

As the official sponsor and telecoms provider for the tournament Orange has partnered with the City of Paris to showcase the passion of fans at Euro 2016 by illuminating the Eiffel Tower with in the colours of the most supported nation. Throughout the competition Orange will analyze fan support across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by monitoring the number of posts hashtags for each nation such as #Eng for England and #Fra for France. LINK

Amazon has put Alexa, the voice-powered AI software found in the Echo, Dot and Tap, right inside the browser with the launch of LINK

The Marriott Rewards WeChat is aimed at Marriott customers and loyalty program members, which is used to tell members about hotel openings, new Marriott brands and opportunities for members, such as exclusive access to NBA games and events in China. The account also dispenses travel tips, such as the best ways to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan in March. LINK is expanding beyond music videos with the launch of, its live stream platform. Users will be able to broadcast through the app, and the streams will be viewable on The app is moving beyond recorded videos with the integration of Live streaming has become increasingly popular, with the launch of Facebook Live and the continued evolution of Twitter’s Periscope. is hoping it can capitalize on this trend and be a force in the live video business. LINK

Snapchat is a different type of storytelling. With lenses/filters, fans tell the story. Brands just enable. In the case of SPGwhen Snapchat users visit any Starwood Hotels & Resort, they can add an SPG filter to their photos and videos and share them on Snapchat. The filters, of which there will initially be about six or seven, vary depending on the hotel’s location and property type, whether it’s a beach resort or a meetings hotel, for example. More will be added throughout the duration of the campaign, which will run for the next two months. The Geofilters include messages that include “Hello From _____;” “Checking In”; and “Do Not Disturb,” for example, and all employ the use of SPG’s signature purple color to emphasize brand awareness for the loyalty program. Some filters utilize iconic travel markers like a cocktail, camera, or face mask. LINK

To mark National Hamburger Day, McDonald’s debuted its first video via Facebook Live, treating fans to a special show dubbed ‘The Starving Artist’. The hour-long video appeared to be modeled on Bob Ross’ popular instructional PBS title The Joy of Painting, and saw an improv actor named Bevin explain how to create “beautiful” burger portraitsWithout any paid support, the stunt reached 884,300 people in 40 minutes according to McDonald’s, with the view count currently sitting at 19,000. LINK

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel has set up a “Hashtag Kiosk,” a digital podium that automatically picks up Instagram and Twitter photos hashtagged #StPancrasHotel. Users can then access them on the kiosk as well as get free prints with the hotel’s branding by the tap of a button. During the trial, it saw nearly 400 social posts using #StPancrasHotel with a social reach of over 80,000 compared to less than 20 posts the month before which created a reach of less than 350. In addition, during this time, nearly 200 photos were printed. LINK

Podcasts and podcast revenue: still booming. Publishers finding audiences and advertisers. LINK

Ad blocking users more than doubled in a year to ~ 420M globally. UX always wins. Let’s stop being shit heads. LINK

Search Engine Land has a strong list of 7 essential Google Analytics reports. I use many on a day-to-day basis and most are built-in to/come standard in Google’s reporting features. But two custom reports I’ve just now added: the Content Efficiency Report and the Keyword Analysis Report. Get lookin’: LINK

Facebook Live is great when broadcasters have an objective (meaningful stories) and engage with community. Shit, otherwise. Some of the good and the bad of live, with short case studies from Digiday. LINK

In March, Fox ran a Sponsored Lens campaign promoting the second half of Season 2 of its drama Empire. The filter overlaid a graphic of a pair of headphones and sunglasses over Snapchat users’ faces with a microphone that they could pretend to sing into. According to Snapchat, Fox’s campaign boosted brand awareness by 16 points when comparing a group who saw the ad versus those who did not see the promo. It also increased tune-in intent by 8 percent. The ad in total was played 33 million times. The Empire ad was viewed 61 million times, and the average person played with the graphic for 20 seconds before attaching it to a snap. LINK

10 ways/examples to think about bots through the customer journey (a list): LINK

Really, it’s just making ___ more accessible to fans. Bots can only be a ‘big deal’ if they’re solving a problem. And don’t think like a brand, think like a fan. How Facebook Messenger is changing the bot game for brandsLINK

Virgin Atlantic is using the Twitter firehose to source old tweets and make a wish come true. LINK