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The Daily Brief: 2.22

Facebook has begun loosening rules that prohibit publishers from posting overly commercial videos without paying Facebook to promote it. New rules have enabled select publishers to post branded videos with “sponsored by,” allowing brands to have more integrations in messaging, and starting to let premium publishers post their native video ads, or branded content. LINK

Canvas is optimized for mobile and loads faster than Facebook’s other mobile ad units. It’s creative is more immersive and engaging. Go wide with imagery (tilt-to-pan), think of brand storytelling through multiple mediums, and create content in snack-able bites LINK

The new, visual hashtag? Snapchat is launching on-demand geofilters. An ad opportunity for smaller businesses and creates exclusive must-snap content. Also: fun. LINK

Buzzfeed’s quest for impact. “What matters most, and what all these metrics should try and point to is impact. Does it have an impact on people’s actual lives? are people using the content? Is it something that matters to them? Does it help people connect with each other? Does it help people improve their lives? Does it inform the public and change institutions? Does it make the world more open and diverse? LINK

Twitter wants you to remind you that video is key to connecting with fans, and the proof is in the stars that it birthed. LINK

TV exposure continues to have an effect on app installs after the TV ad, with 24 percent increase in installs for the subsequent 10 minutes and 20% increase in installs for the subsequent 30 minutes after the TV ad was shown. LINK