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The Daily Brief: 2.11

VR enters nostalgia and puts life into an old game – Duck Hunt. Man, VR has no limits. LINK

Creatives like knowing people are watching their videos, and Instagram wants more videos. The encouragement for (even) more: Instagram is showing video view countsLINK

Twitch stats:

  • 1.7 million monthly broadcasts
  • 500,000 concurrent monthly viewers
  • 421.6 minutes of programming watched per month
  • 9.2 billion messages in 2015
  • 35% of its monthly viewership is via mobile
  • It’s more than just gaming

YouTube stats stat:

  • 291 minutes of programming (videos) watched per month LINK

Google announced today that it has begun to support physical beacons in its Chrome browser for Android. It enables users to opt in to interact with and receive content from nearby Bluetooth-enabled beacons in public places like shops, sports stadiums, schools, etc. Slowly, users are being made aware of beacons — and their benefits. This is just a first step. If a more seamless integration comes in the future, we may (finally) see a wide-spread adaption of implementation and use. LINK

Foursquare just announced a partnership with to enable Foursquare users to order food, alcohol and groceries for delivery right from the Foursquare app. Is it too late? RIP Yelp? Immediately, has a massive audience and every Foursquare location now becomes a potention client/customer. LINK

The new QZ app is the halo example of understanding mobile consumption habits. It combines messaging and bots, publishing and advertising, and it’s beautiful in every aspect of the app. LINK

OK GO’s YouTube revenue is such a small fraction of the overall pie that they released their newest video on Facebook, where daily videos views hit 8 billion and over 100 million hours. LINK

AT&T is becoming a new network of sorts – a content network, funding stars to create content on brand’s behalf. In one sentence, it’s AT&T paying YouTube’s Fullscreen network to have its stars do cool things with AT&T products and services. LINK

Facebook’s Messenger for Android now supports SMS. Soon, with SMS + Messenger, you will almost never have to leave the app to talk to friend, withdraw money from bank, purchase food, resolve a customer issue… The future is messaging, and Facebook is SO far ahead of the competition. LINK

While I believe the future of mobile commerce is in apps, PayPal his hitting a gap in the mobile purchasing vertical by opening PayPal Commerce, a set of APIs in which third-party services can integrate in the back end to the Commerce platform. Merchants will be able to pick and choose where they would like their buy buttons to appear — be that email, social shares, blogs, articles, ads, apps, or wherever. And, most interesting, users who buy with these may not even need PayPal accounts to complete the transactionsLINK

A powerful example of the IoT, and how something so dumb can become an unforgettable experience. Absolut Vodka: A smart cap that plays a customized message when opened to the recipient; ensures that vodka is served at the perfect temperature; a low-energy Bluetooth controller and LEDs to diffuse throughout the cap as well the rest of the bottle; a bottle neck showing the volume poured for precise drink mixing; recommending matching drinks in real time; a cap that triggers actions like playing your favourite song or dimming the lights; and TouchID technology and NFC to detect and respond to the drinker’s fingerprint. LINK