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The best work sparks a conversation, builds a relationship and creates value. Today, people and brands are closer than ever before. It’s social that has changed storytelling forever.

I like creating experiences that only brands can deliver. It’s mashing culture + the ubiquity of the social landscape to build dialogue and create experiences that fans absolutely crave. It means knowing the channels of today, seeing the trends of tomorrow, and planning for participation to give fans what they want in a completely unexpected way.

embrace insights

Data is great, but everybody has data. It’s more about the insights, inspiration and moments you see that make you say something cool is happening. Find the story in the data.

start with ideas

Solve a business problem with a different kind of idea. Interrupting people isn’t such a good marketing plan. Ads are good, but adventures are better.

tell a story

Technology hasn’t changed the power of the story; it’s enhanced the way we’ve told them. Use new media in new ways, and traditional media in untraditional ways to tell cool stories.

get interactive

Good content is interactive and engaging, and consistent and fun. It draws a community of participation and is hard to ignore and easy to fall in love with.

connect with culture

Culture is currency. If you don’t have it, if you’re not with it, you’re broke. In today’s world, cultural relevancy is a major, major 🔑.